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Establish EXIM Bank of Sri Lanka

Budget Speech para. 188: "The need for an EXIM Bank is felt more than ever today. As such, we will commence operations of an EXIM Bank during 2017. The EXIM Bank, will have an initial capital of Rs. 25,000 million, and will be a collaboration between the government and the industry. I propose to allocate Rs. 10,000 million as the government's initial contribution for this."
  • Allocation (Rs. Mn)10,000
  • SectorExports
  • Ministry / Government Institution : Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs

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RTI: No response to RTI request filed, thus filed appeal. Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs has transferred RTI request to Ministry of Finance and Mass Media. Have not receieved any information. OTC: Refused to provide any information apart from draft action plan. Web: No information available on ministry's website. Promised has been mentioned in Mid-year Report of Ministry of Finance and Public Investment Programme Report 2017-2020 by Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs.

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