Free Glass of Milk for School Children

Budget Speech para. 41: "We will further support the primary school childrens’ nutrition effort by providing a free glass of milk to students in all rural schools in the country."

  • Allocation (Rs. Mn)1,000
  • SectorSocial Welfare
  • Ministry / Government Institution : Ministry of Education

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Information on progress was obtained through the action plan and progress report provided in response to the request for information filed under the Right to Information Act No 12 of 2016. However, the information in response to the request required significant effort to assess, since the Action Plan and Progress Report did not employ a consistent reporting framework and could not be easily reconciled.

Progress Tracker


Based on the information made available, progress as at 31 December 2019 was assessed as 86% of the target set for 2019. The Action Plan and Progress Report did not utilise consistent reporting formats. The Action Plan noted a target of 400,000 beneficiaries, but did not specify if this was a daily, weekly or monthly target. Further, it indicated the proposal would commence in the second quarter of the year. The Progress Report stated the number of weekly beneficiaries from January to December 2019. Progress was calculated using the average number of weekly beneficiaries during the period March to December 2019, as a percentage of the intended beneficiaries (i.e. 400,000). The Action Plan indicates that work on the project would commence in the second quarter, hence, only progress information from April to December was considered for the progress assessment.

Agency Openness Ranking 7

The Ministry of Education was ranked 7th out of 16 government institutions assessed in 2019. The rank was determined based on the weighted average score of 62.5 received by the ministry (weighted average based on allocation). This score was based on the disclosure of information on 1 proposal assessed in 2019, which was under the purview of the ministry.

Budget Speech para. 41: Fully usable information was obtained through a request filed under the Right To Information Act, however, was not received within the stipulated timelines.

For detailed information on the method of calculating the weighted average scores:

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  • Budget Tracker - Website RTI