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Free tabs to AL teachers and students

Budget Speech para. 92: "We must create the enabling environment for our students to be able to acquire knowledge easily. We must give them a “Smart Classroom” for which we have already allocated Rs. 6,500 million. To supplement this venture, we will also provide free Tabs for almost 175,000 students who enter the Advanced Level (AL) classes and around 28,000 A/L teachers from 2017. I propose to allocate Rs. 5,000 million for this project. I invite the telecom service providers to support this initiative by providing Wi-Fi connections."
  • Allocation (Rs. Mn)5,000
  • SectorEducation
  • Ministry / Government Institution : Ministry of Education

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Progress information was obtained from the Department of Project Management and Monitoring quarter 3 report. There was no response to the RTIs to the implementing Ministry, even after Appeal to the Designated Officer.

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According to the Department of Project Management and Monitoring quarter 3 report, the promise has seen 40 percent progress.

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