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Introduce a contributory Insurance scheme for farmers

Budget Speech para. 52: "Farmers are constantly at the mercy of the weather Gods and successive Governments have been doling out funds to the farmers whenever there has been a drought or floods in an indiscriminate manner. It is in this context that the weather indexed insurance scheme has been designed. The insurance cover will be a minimum of Rs. 40,000 per acre for 6 crops including paddy and other 5 emerging crops such as Maize, Soya, Big Onion, Potato, and Chilli. This will be a contributory scheme with the premium being borne by both the farmer and the Government. The Government will invest Rs. 3,000 million in 2018."
  • Allocation (Rs. Mn)3,000
  • SectorSocial Welfare
  • Ministry / Government Institution : Ministry of Agriculture

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Information was obtained through the (i) the 'Progress of development projects and programmes as at 31st March 2018' Report published online by the Department of Project Management and Monitoring; (ii) the 'Financial progress as at end of March, 2018' document published online by the Ministry of Agriculture; and (iii)the Action Plan, Financial Plan and Progress Report received from the responsible agency in response to a request under the RTI Act. However the information received in response to the RTI request was insufficient to assess progress and was obtained after filing an appeal.

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Some activities under the promise have been initiated. However, information on progress was only available for the first three months and was behind the target set for this time period. Based on the information, progress as at 31 March 2018 was 5%, compared to a target of 10%. Since progress could not be determined for the full period of assessment (January-June 2018), progress is assumed to be lagging.

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  • Budget Tracker - Website RTI