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Digitalising the Economy (i): National Digital Identity

Budget Speech para. 388: "National Digital Identity (NDI) that is being implemented by Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) will facilitate all persons, businesses and government to transact securely in the digital world. The NDI will be used by all government institutions as a key Unique Identifier (UI) for individuals and businesses. This will also be utilized to provide a more effective and efficient social safety net mechanism for the vulnerable groups of the society." Allocation of Rs. 15 Bn for all Digitalising the Economy projects (5 in total) - the individual allocations for the proposals are uncertain.
  • Allocation (Rs. Mn) :  15,000
  • Sector :  Digitalising the Economy
  • Ministry / Government Institution :  Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure & Information Communication Technology Agency



Significant information provided upon RTI request. Project information is available online.



ICTA has anticipated reaching a target of 55% project completion as of July 2017, and has achieved 38% completion. Rs. 500 Mn has been expended on the activities (which is behind the fiscal expenditure projections). RTI response by ICTA also stated that the project is currently on halt.

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