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Paediatric Care Complexes in Karapitiya, Ampara and Jaffna hospitals

Budget Speech para. 138: "Sri Lanka has only 2 specialized children hospitals in the country, the Lady Ridgeway Hospital in Colombo and the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Children's Hospital in Kandy. I note that 9.9 per 1,000 children die each year before celebrating their 5th birthday. The under 5 Child Mortality rate as per the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) was 4 per 1,000, the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) is to bring the under 5 Child Mortality rate to zero. Honourable Speaker, given our commitment to achieve SDGs, I propose to allocate Rs. 1,000 million to establish Specialized Paediatric Care Complexes in Karapitiya, Ampara and Jaffna hospitals."
  • Allocation (Rs. Mn)1,000
  • SectorHealth
  • Ministry / Government Institution : Minister of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine

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 Information insufficient to determine progress regardless of access

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Sufficient information has not been provided to determine level of progress. Karapitiya - CECB has been contracted to carry out the construction work without a tender process. Ampara - discussions are still in place to decide on the construction process. Jaffna - land has been identified for the construction process.

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  • Budget Tracker - Website RTI