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Payments to Golden Key depositors

Budget Speech para. 275: "When we took office, the plight of the Golden Key depositors was such that some had been driven to committing suicide and many faced untold misery. We as a responsible government, have already settled the claims of small depositors and the balance payments will also be made in due course for which I propose to allocate Rs. 3,000 million. The assets of Golden Key Company will be vested with the government."
  • Allocation (Rs. Mn)3,000
  • SectorBanking & Finance
  • Ministry / Government Institution : Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs & Central Bank of Sri Lanka

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The Ministry of Finance provided some information to assess progress.

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Information provided by the Ministry of Finance indicates that Rs. 2500 Mn of the allocated Rs. 3000 Mn has been spent.

Sources of Information

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  • Budget Tracker - Website RTI