Pension revision

Budget Speech para. 151: "There are around 560,000 pensioners, who have retired before 31st December 2015 and whose pensions are calculated based on the Public Administration Circular No. 06/2006. In addition to that, around 71,000 pensioners retired during the period of 1st January 2016 to 31st December 2018, and are drawing pensions based on their eligible basic salary at the time of retirement, based on the Public Administration Circular No. 03/2016. There is a disparity of pensions drawn by the pensioners, who have retired before 1st January 2016 and the ones who were entitled to different phases of the salary increases given by the Public Administration Circular No. 03/2016. Therefore, I propose a pension revision, having incorporated the first 2 phases of the Public Administration Circular 03/2016 to the basic salary obtained by the pensioner, at the time of retirement with effect from 1st July 2019. I propose to allocate an additional sum of Rs.12,000 Mn for that revision this year, to rectify the pension anomalies. This will benefit around 585,000 affected pensioners. For an example, a lower grade government employee’s pension will increase by at least Rs.1,600/- per month. A Grade 1 teacher will have a Rs 4,600/= increase in the monthly pension and the pension of a Secretary to a Ministry will increase by Rs.12,000/- per month. This is based on 25 years’ service and retirement prior to 31st December 2015."

  • Allocation (Rs. Mn)12,000
  • SectorPublic Sector Service
  • Ministry / Government Institution : Ministry of Skills Development, Employment and Labour Relations

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Information on progress was obtained through the information provided in response to the request for information filed under the Right to Information Act No 12 of 2016.

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Based on the information made available, the proposal was not implemented as at 31 December 2019. Public Administration Circular 35/2019 (dated 10.12.2019) states that the proposal will be implemented. However, the RTI response of the ministry confirms that it was not implemented as per Public Administration Circular 35/2019 (I) (dated 20.01.2020).

Agency Openness Ranking 1

The Ministry of Skills Development, Employment and Labour Relations was was one of the five government institutions ranked 1st out of the 16 government institutions assessed in 2019. The rank was determined based on the weighted average score of 75 received by the ministry (weighted average based on allocation). This score was based on the disclosure of information on 1 proposal assessed in 2019, which was under the purview of the ministry.

Budget Speech para. 151: Fully usable information for the proposal was obtained through a request filed under the Right To Information Act and was received within the stipulated timelines.

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