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Private free trade zones along expressway corridors

Budget Speech para. 192: "I do not think that we have fully realized the benefit of the Expressways in the country. We must capitalize on the benefits that Expressways bring by encouraging economic activities. As such, I propose to encourage the private sector to partner with the government in creating private free trade zones along the expressway corridors. The Government will provide land for this purpose and will also provide electricity and water up to such zone for which I propose to allocate Rs. 1,000 million."
  • Allocation (Rs. Mn)1,000
  • SectorExports
  • Ministry / Government Institution : Ministry of Development Strategies and International Trade

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Information on physical and financial progress of Millaniya is available. Some information on Pelpola and Bingiriya and no information on Millewa, Horana has been provided.

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Preliminary work to provide land, electricity and water for Millaniya, Pelpola and Bingiriya has been done.

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