"Ran Mawath" Rural Roads Maintenance and Construction Programme

Budget Speech para. 149: " “Ran Mawath” Program – Mr Speaker, The Government has invested a significant amount of resources to construct roads and expressways. Since 2015, we have spent around Rs.700,000 Mn. for roads alone. Despite the amounts spent, there are many more roads that need to be constructed. Under the “Gamperaliya” Program, provisions are allocated for rural road construction. Yet, considering the national importance of further rural and other road development, I propose to allocate a further Rs.10,000 Mn. for the maintenance and construction of, mainly rural roads, through the “Ran Mawath” Development Program."

  • Allocation (Rs. Mn)10,000
  • SectorTransport
  • Ministry / Government Institution : Ministry of Roads and Highways

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No information was received under the request for information filed under the Right to Information Act No 12 of 2016. No information on the progress of the promise was available through webchecks.

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No information is available to determine the progress of the promise.

Agency Openness Ranking 12

The Ministry of Roads and Highways was was one of the five government institutions ranked last out of 16 government institutions assessed in 2019. The rank was determined based on the weighted average score of 0 received by the ministry (weighted average based on allocation). This score was based on the disclosure of information on 1 proposal assessed in 2019, which was under the purview of the ministry.

Budget Speech para. 149: No information on progress was available for the proposal.

For detailed information on the method of calculating the weighted average scores: http://www.budgetpromises.org/en/how-it-works


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