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Road improvement in rural areas

Budget Speech para. 421: "There are infrastructure gaps at the village level that need to be addressed to improve their social well-being and fuel rural sector economic activity. In this regard, I propose to allocate Rs. 4,500 million to develop 1,000 km of road length in rural areas. I encourage the community to partner this effort and claim ownership." Allocation Revised: Budget speech has made an allocation of Rs. 4,500 Mn for this project. Allocation provided by the Treasury is Rs. 2,250 Mn.
  • Allocation (Rs. Mn)4,500
  • SectorTransport
  • Ministry / Government Institution : Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils

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The Ministry has provided some information on financial progress.

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Financial progress indicates 65% of the revised expenditure allocation was utilised in 2017.

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  • Budget Tracker - Website RTI