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Siri Sara Pivisuma

Budget Speech para. 431: "The Trincomalee district development programme “ Siri Sara Pivisuma” initiated by His Excellency the President, envisages upgrading of infrastructure facilities together with the Tri Forces, Civil Defence Force and other stakeholders."
  • Allocation (Rs. Mn) :  1,000
  • Sector :  Reconciliation
  • Ministry / Government Institution :  Presidential Secretariat



RTI response provides information to meaure progress, but insufficient information limits capacity to determine exact progress. Details of the project are available online.



As at 31st July, 20 irrigation works and two road development projects are ongoing. Two of the irrigation works are complete. One road development project is to be initiated. Limited capacity to determine exact level of progress due to insufficient and incoherent information.

Sources of Information

  • Budget Tracker - Website Website
  • Budget Tracker - Website RTI