"Smart Sri Lanka" Programme

Budget Speech para. 157: "Youth empowerment through enhancement of skills will be further supported by the ‘Smart Sri Lanka” project."

  • Allocation (Rs. Mn)500
  • SectorDigitalising the Economy
  • Ministry / Government Institution : Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs

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As the Budget Speech 2019 did not specify the government institutions which are responsible for the implementation of proposals, it was obtained through a request for information filed under the Right to Information Act No 12 of 2016 (RTI request) filed with the Department of National Budget (NBD). As per the response of the NBD, the responsible ministry for this proposal was identified as the Presidential Secretariat and the RTI request for this proposal was filed with the Presidential Secretariat on 30 January 2020. The RTI request was subsequently transferred to the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs on 25 February 2020, as the Presidential Secretariat stated that this proposal did fall under their purview. No information was received at the time of assessment, despite multiple follow ups with the Presidential Secretariat and Ministry of Sports. No information on the progress of the promise was available through webchecks. Hence, the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs has been categorised as "Closed".

Progress Tracker


No information is available to determine the progress of the promise.

Agency Openness Ranking 12

The Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs was was one of the five government institutions ranked last out of 16 government institutions assessed in 2019. The rank was determined based on the weighted average score of 0 received by the ministry (weighted average based on allocation). This score was based on the disclosure of information on 1 proposal assessed in 2019, which was under the purview of the ministry.

Budget Speech para. 157: No information on progress was available for the proposal.

For detailed information on the method of calculating the weighted average scores: http://www.budgetpromises.org/en/how-it-works


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