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Support to the skill development programmes conducted by the Youth Corp

Budget Speech para. 154: "The National Youth Corps has undertaken several skill development programmes and these will be further strengthened by allocating Rs. 2,000 million." Allocation Revised: The allocation for this promise has been revised from LKR 2,000 million to LKR 1,800 million
  • Allocation (Rs. Mn)2,000
  • SectorYouth & Women
  • Ministry / Government Institution : National Youth Corps

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Information was obtained through the the Action Plans, Financial Plan and Progress Report received from the responsible agency in response to a request under the RTI Act.

Progress Tracker


Activities scheduled under the promise are progressing in line with their targets for the first six months. Based on the information made available, progress as at 30 June 2018 was 75%, ahead of the target of 60%.

Sources of Information

  • Budget Tracker - Website RTI